Welcome to the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Belize



The New Belmoral Hotel is located directly in the center of town making it easy to locate and in close proximity to everything. Although it is right in the center of town, the upstairs location is quiet and home-like, especially since the owners still live on site. A large lobby with wicker furniture, a large kitchen (shared with the owners) and a veranda provide great spaces to relax. The rooms are clean with private bath and hot water, fans and air conditioning at close-to unbeatable prices. Friendly staff and owners are ready to serve your needs.

17 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town, Belize. - Phone: 804-3502

Email: bemloralhotel@hotmail.com

The Belmoral Hotel is located in the center of San Ignacio Town, close to everything.

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